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As I’m new to anything involving a blog everything will be entered chronologically so I’ll be starting from the beginning. Ideally you should start with the oldest post and work forward as I’m uncertain if anything can be arranged any other way. Nothing is typed ahead of time and there are bound to be errors throughout. Look past any flaws and try to engage in the overall content.

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Points To Remember

It’s worth repeating that this entire blog should be read from the oldest post forward as I started this from the beginning of my story and will conclude at the very end. This will be my only time all this is put down for others to read and will not be posted or talked aboutContinue reading “Points To Remember”

Why Even Try?

My curse seems to be obvious… In my opinion, loving someone as a friend is the best form of love. It’s having that person’s back no matter what happens, it’s enjoying their company more than anyone else, it’s laughing with them and sharing your lives together. Friendships are the best kind of relationships out thereContinue reading “Why Even Try?”

The Value of Friendship

Many tend to place an emphasis on romantic relationships thinking that just finding that right person will make us happy and fulfilled. But friends are actually even more important to our well-being. Friends bring more happiness into our lives than virtually anything else. Lasting friendships have a huge impact on health and happiness. Good friendsContinue reading “The Value of Friendship”

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